5 Ways Bracelets Can Elevate Your Look

It’s natural for people to want to stand out and look their best, no matter what type of occasion they’re dressing up for. Whether they’re on their way to a day at the office, a fun evening out with friends, or a romantic rendezvous with a special someone, looking the part with an elevated style can play a big role in ensuring someone has the confidence needed to make for a good time. 

Below, our team of passionate jewelry experts from LaCkore Couture will explore what you need to know about how jewelry can help elevate your look, specifically, bracelets.

Please read on to learn about the five ways you can leverage bracelets to enhance your style effortlessly. Also, think about browsing our wide selection of other great fashion and jewelry resources. 


No matter what type of accessories someone is leveraging to heighten a particular look, accentuate an outfit, or serve as the finishing touch to their desired style, there are a few basic rules that people should always keep in mind;

Don’t ever let your jewelry wear you. You are always in charge of wearing your jewelry. 

Those quotes must now always serve as your motto for the importance of accessorization. Even the most low-key fashionista appreciates the supreme aesthetic importance of using accessorization to elevate the look, not take away from it.

At the end of the day, jewelry is the accessorization of personal style. And if you don’t have the right style, or worse, any, then the best jewelry in the world will only spotlight this fact.

Always strategically use jewelry to elevate your look every time you walk out of your front door.

For example, let’s consider the bracelet. 

The bracelet is a piece of jewelry that predates human history. And whether it is made of wood, beads, seashells, glass, diamonds, gems, or precious metals, the bracelet is a timeless and beautiful way to elevate any look with a dash of glamour or class.

The suitable bracelet as a jewelry accent can elevate your fashion style with more versatility than even the fanciest watch.

And that is the point. You wear the bracelet, and don’t let it wear you. If people are complimenting your bracelet and not how it elevates and adds to your look, then you may need to reassess how you accessorize.

So, let’s talk about five ways bracelets can elevate your look. Firstly, let’s discuss the history of bracelets.

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The History of Bracelets

No one knows who invented jewelry as we know it. What we know for sure is that jewelry has been worn by human beings for hundreds of thousands of years.

The earliest forms of jewelry may have been worn as kinds of superstitious and protective totems or psychological security nets to pacify ancient humans trying to understand a dangerous and untamed world in their era.

Some ancient jewelry may have evolved from body armor adornments made of wood, thin metal, and other materials used to protect the extremity of ancient warriors and soldiers.

But the concept of ancient jewelry as we know it today may have evolved from common people imitating the jewelry of ancient royalty with everyday materials.

Jewelry may have been worn by ancient humans like neanderthals as far back as 250,000 years ago. The oldest known stone bracelet, discovered in Siberia, Russia, back in 2008, is believed to be over 40,000 years old.

The point is that if ancient humans used jewelry like bracelets to elevate their looks, there is really no reason for you not to try as well.

5 Ways Bracelets Can Elevate Your Look

The bracelet is a great way to begin learning how to elevate your look. The right bracelet accessories can tie together your look or highlight particular styles without removing or distracting from other elements of an outfit, making it one of the easiest accessories to utilize within an ensemble. 

That said, just because it’s easier to leverage a bracelet more effectively than some other types of jewelry doesn’t mean it’s impossible to mess up the look you’re going for with the wrong wrist accessory.

Elevating your look is the art of taking accessorization to the next level. Remember, wear the bracelet, don’t let it wear you. The bracelet you wear should tie together every point of style in your look.

So, here are five ways bracelets can elevate your look.

Wear Something Unique

Two intricately designed gold bracelets.

The most surefire way to elevate your look is to wear unique jewelry, and bracelets come in a wide range of unique designs, styles, and materials for people to choose from. No matter what type of style you’re trying to elevate, you’ll be able to find a million different bracelets that can add something new and unique to enhance your outfit.

The key is to create a signature bracelet style that elevates and ties together your look without distracting from other elements of your style.

The thing that makes wearing jewelry fun, especially when you pay attention to personal style, is that how you wear it makes it look unique. And this can be true even if others wear jewelry similar to yours.

But the best way to wear a signature style of jewelry is to wear customized jewelry that is truly your signature style. According to your specifications, you can hire expert jewelers to create customized and handcrafted jewelry, like bracelets.

Or you can learn to make homemade jewelry with various do-it-yourself kits for more low-key looks that can elevate your style.

The point is that the more personalized the bracelet, the more it will elevate your look and reflect your fashion sense. So, wear something truly unique with every outfit to elevate your look.

You could wear one signature statement bracelet with a few distinct outfits to perfect this technique, but don’t overdo it.

In other words, wearing the same bracelet every day is a case of the jewelry wearing you and not the other way around.


It takes practice and dedication to perfect the art of layering bracelets to elevate a look without accidentally drawing people’s attention away from your outfit as a whole. 

The key is to choose a selection of bracelets that complement each other enough to form the appearance of a single accessory, as long as it isn’t distracting or obvious enough to take away from the rest of someone’s overall look.

So, you start by focusing on one favorite bracelet as the dominant piece and building layers that accentuate and accessorize the dominant bracelet.

After choosing the dominant bracelet, you can layer on bracelets according to color, size, material, and style. Use strategy in this endeavor. Spend a few hours mixing, matching, and experimenting with bracelet styles in front of the mirror to find the right style before you walk out of the door.

What would be the dominant bracelet in a layering strategy? Onlookers should be able to tell without being told.

Also, consider aesthetics, materials, colors and hues, and textures when layering bracelet styles.

And take the time to make sure that the layered, statement pieces of bracelets all aesthetically tie into and elevate the look of your outfit.

The combinations of potential personalized styles that you can create via layering bracelets are only limited by your imagination.

You Can’t Go Wrong With the Classics

Elevating your look every time you get dressed can be an overwhelming challenge. 

Take it one step at a time. For example, you really can’t go wrong with the classics regarding jewelry.

Silver or gold bracelets never go out of style, no matter the fashion season. And whatever the newest or hottest fashion trends are at the moment, a silver or gold bracelet will effortlessly mesh with it and elevate the look. 

Silver or gold bracelets are versatile and will match any outfit you have, whether it is formal or casual.


If you are looking for inspiration with a bracelet to help elevate your look while minimizing the risk of distracting from other essential elements of your outfit, look no further than Mother Nature.

Leveraging natural materials and styles can quickly help you enhance your style without accidentally putting too much emphasis on your jewelry or making it seem like your accessories are wearing you rather than the other way around. 

Wear bracelets that feature Earth tone colors and hues. Or you can wear bracelets with engraved or carved stylings aesthetically featuring vines, leaves, flowers, or even butterflies.

Bracelets featuring Mother Nature style inspirations can imbue and elevate your look with an appealing and understated elegance.

Work off of Your Other Daily Jewelry 

Use your bracelets as a way to accessorize and match with your earrings, rings, necklaces, and any other daily jewelry you wear.

Your bracelet, or bracelets, can be the dominant piece that elevates your entire look, including your other daily jewelry. They can also be a finishing touch that helps accentuate more prominent jewelry within your outfit, playing a supporting role for other pieces that highlight your style.

Be sure to experiment with various styles thoroughly, and don’t be afraid to mix and match your accessories with different outfits to see which pieces highlight each other effectively.

Also, be sure to expand your accessory collection occasionally and look for some stellar new pieces you can use to help create the foundation of an entirely new look. Sometimes a new bracelet is all it takes to add the finishing touch to your ideal outfit. 

Our artisan jewelry creators at LaCkore Couture offer a wide selection of gorgeous handcrafted accessories that may just become the crown jewels of your collection.


Customized and bejeweled gold bracelets on a table with white wrapping silk.

Learning how to use bracelets to elevate your style takes time, consideration, and effort. It can take even longer to learn how to leverage these versatile accessories in a balanced way that won’t distract or take away from other critical elements of your desired look.

But just because it will likely take some time and practice to master the skill doesn’t mean that it’s impossible or not worth all of the efforts you put in. With a bit of dedication and patience, you’ll soon be styling your jewelry as expertly as a runway star and elevating your look without expending any extra effort.

Learn to mix and match pieces. Wear unique signature items. Learn to layer bracelets for maximum style. Fall back to the classic looks when in doubt. Look to Mother Nature for style inspiration. And learn to use your bracelets to work off your usual daily jewelry.

And remember, wear your jewelry and never let it wear you.

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