8 Unique Women’s Beaded Bracelets For Stylish Women


colorful beaded bracelets

If you love all things sparkly, colorful, and luxurious, odds are you’re a fan of jewelry. 

And why shouldn’t you be!?

Feeling the weight of fine metals and beads on your skin or observing the sparkle of gemstones dancing on your wrist can make just about anyone giddy. 

There’s just one problem. How can you possibly decide which bracelet is suitable for you?

There are several important factors to keep in mind when browsing. What jewelry fashion is trending? What size is your wrist? Are affordable, high-quality bracelets a thing?

Don’t worry, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about the trendiest, top-quality bracelets

Read on to learn more about the best, unique bracelets for stylish women.

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History of Bracelets  

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Bracelets have been worn throughout history for a variety of purposes. The incorporation of bracelets as a fashion accessory dates all the way back to 5000 BCE Egypt

Along with symbolizing status and beauty, bracelets like bangles have also been used as a symbol for marriage ceremonies. Furthermore, Greek soldiers even used leather bracelets to shield and protect their wrists during combat, a practice that later became part of traditional military uniforms. 

Both men and women wore bracelets until the Middle Ages when the accessory became intensely popular for women. 

Throughout time, bracelets have held religious and spiritual meanings. Bracelets have been worn to protect from evil spirits, symbolize marriage status, and even encourage shorter winter seasons. There have also been bracelets worn to promote healing and affluence. Most common, bracelets were worn to represent wealth and class

Today, the purpose for wearing bracelets ranges from person to person. Whether to portray identity, wealth, culture, or fashion sense, bracelets have withstood the test of time.

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What To Consider Before Buying A Bracelet 

Almost every woman has felt disappointed by cheap bracelets that break easily or don’t fit right. Become a master at buying bracelets that last by thinking ahead and considering a few factors beforehand. 

The Size & Fit of The Bracelet

Before buying a bracelet, one of the most important and obvious things to consider is your wrist size! The average woman’s wrist size is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches. However, you will want to measure and find out yours to buy the best bracelet for you.

After finding out your exact wrist size, consider your lifestyle. Are you looking for a bracelet that fits loose or snug, so it doesn't get caught on things? Considering your wrist size and lifestyle is the best place to start when buying a bracelet. 

The Bracelet Type & Material 

There are countless varieties of bracelets one can choose from. The options can be overwhelming, from beaded, bangles, charm, friendship-braided, cuffs, and more. 

Considering why you’re buying a bracelet can help you determine which type and material are right for you. If you want a bracelet that you and a friend can wear forever, durable materials like golds and silvers may lead you to cuffs and bangles. Contrastingly, if you want a fun statement bracelet for a fun occasion, you may want to go for colorful beads and beaded bracelets. 

The Style of The Bracelet

Bracelets are an effective way to express your identity and fashion. Different bracelets hold very particular styles that you can take advantage of in your everyday life. 

Styling a bracelet is one of the most fun and easy activities! You can dress up any outfit by adding a few simple bracelets. You can also go full glam by implementing chunky statement bracelets with fancier attire. 

When buying a bracelet, you can also consider whether the piece can be layered with pieces you own. Oftentimes, unique beaded bracelets layer nicely with jewelry you already have.    

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Top 5 Unique Bracelets


 hands with friendship bracelets

All bracelets are a great way to make any woman feel special. Following the most popular bracelet trends, here is a list of the top unique bracelets for stylish women today. 

Beaded Bracelets 

At the top of the list for the most popular kinds of bracelets are trendy beaded bracelets like these from LaCkore Couture.  

The bead materials can range from plastic, crystals, and gemstones to even wood and natural rocks. One of the most beloved parts of beaded bracelets is the vast assortment of bead shapes and colors. You can find beads of every hue on the color wheel.

Typically, beaded bracelets are made using a stretch lace material, making this bracelet comfortable to wear every day. The fun style of beaded braces also makes them perfect for both casual and fancy occasions! Similarly, the stretchy elastic makes beaded bracelets easy to layer with other pieces. Stacking beaded bracelets is one of the hottest trends today, with celebrities even opting to stack theirs only on one wrist to make the details stand out. 

It’s no surprise the beaded bracelet trend has taken over the fashion industry in recent years!   

Charm Bracelets

Regardless of their peak in the 90s, charm bracelets have been a favored option in recent times for friendship bracelets and chunky styles

The most fun part about charm bracelets is that you can mix and match as many charms as you want! You can recycle old charms or create an entirely different bracelet with new charms. 

Charm bracelets can also hold personal meanings for the wearer. Different charms can represent sincere moments and memories or even represent good fortune. The bracelets are also believed to act as lucky charms, alluding to the name charm bracelet.  

When buying a charm bracelet, it’s essential to identify the material so you know how to care for the jewelry and prevent tarnishing.  

Crystal Bracelets

Third on our list for popular bracelet trends are crystal bracelets! The bracelet crystals are traditionally held together by a metal chain secured with a clasp. 

Crystal bracelets often portray a casual, boho style. The two most popular crystal bracelets are made from Swarovski crystals or healing crystals. Crystal bracelets are a great selection if you’re looking for an everyday statement piece of jewelry. 

Due to their boho style, crystal bracelets are often worn more in the hotter months of spring and especially summer than in fall and winter.  

Bangle Bracelets

Around the globe, bangle bracelets have been a popular choice for women looking to accessorize their wardrobes. Generally, bangle bracelets consist of metal or precious metal materials.

Some of the biggest reasons why the popularity of bangles is so widespread are their comfortability and durability. Silver, bronze, and gold bangles have incorporated tiny gemstones and diamonds on the outer rims in recent years. 

Due to the high price of bangle bracelets made from precious metals, many opt to substitute with bangle bracelets made from gold plated, stainless steel, or other affordable metal materials. Similarly, instead of expensive gemstones and diamonds, affordable bangles will use cubic zirconia or synthetic replacements that closely resemble the real thing.  

In consideration of the rapidly evolving fashion trends, many women rely on affordable options of bangle bracelets.  

Cuff Bracelets 

Last but not least, cuff bracelets! Cuff bracelets have been a long-time favored option because of their minimal and simple style. 

The cuff bracelet trend first peaked in the 80s alongside other jewelry trends but came back with the rise of the Internet and social media in the last decade.  

Generally made from metal materials, cuff bracelets can be easily identified because of the gap in the bracelet circle, making it unenclosed. In this way, open cuff bracelets are extremely easy to slip on and comfortable to wear each day. 

Due to their minimal characteristics, cuff bracelets can be dressed up for fancy occasions or dressed down for everyday, casual wear.

With cuff bracelets surviving the 80s, it’s no surprise the popular trend continues today.

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Leather bracelets are a total fashion statement and can last for years as long as you take care of them properly. Leather bracelets are often thick and wrap around your wrist very securely. 

These bracelets are perfect for every occasion! You don’t see them on many women’s wrists, so they’ll be a unique adornment that will instantly draw your friend’s eyes. They’re also likely to match with nearly any outfit, and they’re far more durable than simple chain link bracelets.

The only downside to leather bracelets is the amount of care they require. Leather will never be fully waterproof, so you have to take these bracelets off when you shower, do the dishes or go out in the rain.

You’ll also want to clean them occasionally. This can be done with a damp washcloth and a bit of leather cleaner. All you want to do is gently pat the bracelet with your damp washcloth, then gently rub leather cleaner on the bracelet. Next, use the damp cloth to gently rinse away the leather cleaner.

Be sure to avoid using a wet cloth or immersing your bracelet in water. Doing either of these can damage your bracelet, so make sure to keep it away from moisture.


You may not think of tennis bracelets as unique, but they certainly can be! Tennis bracelets became popular as a subtle luxury item in the 1970s, though they didn’t become highly popularized until 1987 during a major tennis tournament.

Evert, a world-famous tennis player, had to request a pause mid-game to look for jewels when the bracelet she was wearing broke. Many people believe that is the moment this style of bracelet became known as tennis bracelets.

Tennis bracelets are typically made of a symmetrical pattern of diamonds or gemstones, which are connected by a thin, precious metal chain. You can find some unique tennis bracelets with an assortment of different gemstones that create a pearlescent effect. 

If you’re looking for a unique bracelet that puts a twist on a classic style, then you should look into gorgeous gemstone combinations on tennis bracelets!

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Last, but certainly not least, are keepsake bracelets. There are so many events in life that people often wish they could find a way to capture and immortalize. Well, with the impressive advances in technology and jewelry making, now you can!

There are tons of major life events you can take a piece of and transform into a keepsake bracelet. All you need is to find a jeweler who is capable of creating a personalized bracelet.

A very common keepsake bracelet is breastmilk bracelets! Nursing mothers often feel a sense of loss when their breastfeeding journey is over, and if you have some spare milk left over, then you can use it to create a keepsake bracelet! A jeweler will preserve the milk so it doesn’t spoil and then turn it into a beautiful gemstone that they’ll then attach to a bracelet of your choosing.

You can also have shark teeth or a pearl found on vacation added to a bracelet. There are even options for cremation bracelets so a part of your lost loved one will remain with you forever.

Keepsake bracelets are one of the most unique styles of bracelets out there! Not only will they look as stylish or eccentric as you’d like, but they’ll also hold a special meaning that warms your heart every time you look at it.


With the full rundown of the latest and most popular bracelet trends, you’re ready to turn heads and stop traffic! Not only can bracelets improve your self-confidence and mood, but they can help your unique style shine through just about any fashion trend.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize your style with unique bracelets, and be the next trendsetter! 

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