The Complete Guide on Types of Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have been around forever and will continue to stay on trend, making them the perfect gift for your gal pals and BFFs. Want to make or give a friendship bracelet? We've got you covered, listing the most popular types of friendship bracelets. We'll link you to the best tutorials to learn how to make a variety of patterns and styles to impress your friends. 

What is the Most Popular Friendship Bracelet?

Friendship bracelet patterns can be simple strings to intricate patterns and shapes. The most popular and enduring friendship bracelet styles include:

To make the bracelet more unique, personalize the friendship bracelet with names, charms, or initials. You know your friends the best. Craft a friendship bracelet to fit their style, tastes, and preferences.

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Easiest Types of Friendship Bracelets

Want some fun and easy friendship bracelet ideas? The best part about making these bracelets is that you don't have to be a crafting pro to make them. So, grab your embroidery floss and start knotting! 

Better yet, invite friends over and spend quality time together while creating something beautiful that you can all wear proudly. Here are some of the simplest types of friendship bracelets to make:

The Basic Knot

This is the simplest type of friendship bracelet and a great place to start. All you need is some embroidery floss in your desired colors and a basic knotting technique that's easy to master.


A striped friendship bracelet creates a diagonal line pattern on the bracelet. The best part of this bracelet is that you can choose how thick you want the bracelet based on the number of strings you choose. You can really get creative with just this simple pattern.

The Chevron

The chevron bracelet features a zigzag pattern and is created using a similar knotting technique as the basic knot. It's a little more advanced but still super easy to make.

The Diamond

The diamond bracelet combines knots and braids, giving it a diamond-like pattern. It's a bit more intricate than the basic knot but still easy enough for beginners.

The Fishtail

Turn your braiding prowess into a bracelet with this popular and easy bracelet. This type of friendship bracelet uses the familiar braiding technique that creates a fishtail-like pattern. It's a little more challenging than the others but still manageable for beginner bracelet makers.

What is the Easiest Friendship Bracelet Pattern?

The easiest friendship bracelet pattern can vary depending on a person's level of experience with knotting and their skill, but we think the Double Chain Knot is the most basic friendship bracelet pattern that anyone can do. This pattern is a series of chain knots that creates a simple yet elegant bracelet. Choose your favorite colors and get started.

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friends holding hands wearing friendship bracelets


Coolest Types of Friendship Bracelets to Make

Friendship bracelets are a timeless and fun craft that has been around for generations. If you're looking to take your bracelet-making skills to the next level, here are some of the coolest types of friendship bracelets to make:

The Chevron Friendship Bracelet with a Twist

This bracelet features a zigzag pattern with an added twist. To make this bracelet, you'll need to know how to make a basic chevron pattern, but with a small change in the knotting technique to create the twist.

The Ladder Friendship Bracelet

This bracelet features a ladder-like pattern and is made using a combination of knots and braids. It's a little more advanced than the basic knot but fun and easy to make.

The Starburst Friendship Bracelet

This bracelet features a starburst pattern and is created using a combination of knots, braids, and loops. It's a little more complex, but the end result is a beautiful and unique friendship bracelet.

The Macrame Friendship Bracelet

This bracelet uses macrame knots and is a great way to experiment with different textures and patterns. You can use multiple colors and create a variety of designs to make this bracelet your own.

The Beaded Friendship Bracelet

This bracelet adds beads to the embroidery floss and ties them together to form a pattern. Adding beads is a great way to add a pop of color to your bracelet and make it stand out.


chevron friendship bracelets

What Do Friendship Bracelets Symbolize?

Friendship bracelets symbolize friendship and solidarity, originating from various countries' cultural and folk art traditions, including Central and South America, Europe, and Asia. The tradition involves exchanging hand-woven bracelets between friends to symbolize their bond and connection. 

The colors and patterns used in friendship bracelets can also have symbolic meanings, such as representing certain emotions or aspirations. Friendship bracelets have been a popular fashion accessory, but the symbolism of friendship and connection remains a core aspect of their cultural significance.

Do Specific Colors Have Meaning in a Friendship Bracelet?

Yes, specific colors in friendship bracelets can have symbolic meanings. Different cultures have their own interpretations of colors, but here are some common meanings:

  • Red: love and passion
  • Pink: happiness and friendship
  • Yellow: joy and optimism
  • Green: growth and nature
  • Blue: trust and stability
  • Purple: creativity and imagination
  • Orange: energy and excitement
  • Black: strength and power

You can choose your string colors based on these symbolic meanings or pick color combos matching your friend's personality or style. Whether intentional or not, your chosen colors will be meaningful because you took the time to personalize them.

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