Stone of Wealth: What to Wear on Your Bracelet to Attract Money

Make it rain! People have used stones of wealth for thousands of years to attract money. Many of these stones also create beautiful, stylish bracelets, making them perfect fashion accessories. 

When you hear “stone of wealth,” you probably think of gold or silver. But in reality, many other stones are better at attracting wealth than gold. So here is your guide to the best stones of wealth in popular bracelets today! 

Types of Stones for Attracting Money

There is no one stone that everyone uses to attract money. Instead, you can wear a bracelet with different crystals to create the most energy for generating wealth.


Ask someone about a stone of wealth, and they’ll probably talk to you about pyrite. Pyrite (also called fool’s gold) is a mineral that resembles gold. There are pyrite deposits in the United States, so you can get your hands on several stones quickly and cheaply. Most stones are square, making them easy to wear on bracelets.

People have used it for centuries for good luck and abundance. In Thailand, pyrite is a sacred stone associated with Phra Ruang, the founder of the first Thai kingdom. Many believe that pyrite creates energy that keeps them out of harm’s way and has healing properties. 

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Citrine is another stone that can create good wealth. It is a type of quartz, getting its name from its bright orange color. Citrine is more vibrant than pyrite but is rarer and more expensive. Stones can be huge, so try to find gem cuts that are small enough to place on a bracelet.

Many people associate citrine with wealth, joy, success, and positivity. In addition, many people find that wearing citrine makes them more generous and creative, and some say it has healing powers. 

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire (also called a Pukhraj stone) is a gemstone that many call “the wisdom stone.” Though its primary purpose is to generate spiritual wisdom, you can also use it to attract money. Yellow sapphire is very durable, making it ideal for bracelets and wedding rings. It closely resembles a yellow diamond, yet it is more affordable, making it one of the best diamond alternatives.

Yellow sapphire is a prominent stone within Vedic astrology. Vedic astrologers associate the stone with the planet Jupiter; by wearing a rock on your wrist or finger, you can harmonize the effects of Jupiter to bring wealth and knowledge.

If you don’t like the color yellow, you can try wearing blue sapphire stones. These stones can dispel negative energy that makes it harder for you to receive wealth. In addition, blue sapphire has associations with knowledge and new beginnings in feng shui.  

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Malachite is a green mineral that is found in the United States. People have long associated it with generating wealth; traders used to keep malachite stones with their money and wear them during business meetings to create profitable transactions. As a result, people have called it “the merchant’s stone,” and many merchants continue to wear malachite bracelets today. 

Malachite is a soft stone, so you can get different shapes of it for your bracelets or amulets. It also has associations with fertility and the afterlife, which makes it a good choice for pregnant people, couples trying to have children, and mourners. 

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How to Use Your Bracelet to Attract Money


Wearing a bracelet by itself may help you attract money. But if you can combine your bracelet with feng shui tips to attract wealth, you may be able to get the money sooner and make more money. 

Make a Wealth Corner

In feng shui, your exterior environment relates to your internal environment. A feng shui bagua map can help you lay out your home with objects that can influence your inner state. The Xun position is the far left corner of your home, and you can generate wealth in it. 

Add green plants to this corner of the room. Plants associated with prosperity include jade plants, which resemble malachite and jade stones. You should also place a money frog on a shelf, though you need to clean it regularly. 

If you have room, add a water fountain to the corner. Flowing water facilitates wealth and abundance, especially if the water flows toward the inside of your home. 

While you are setting your corner up, you should wear your bracelet with your stone of wealth on it. You can also leave stones of wealth in this corner, especially citrines. If you’re looking for a place to meditate, sit in your wealth corner while wearing your stones and envision money in your mind. 

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Facilitate the Law of Attraction


The law of attraction is a philosophy about your thought processes. If you focus your mind on positive thoughts, you may experience strong positive outcomes. If you focus on negative thoughts, you may experience adverse effects. 

While wearing your stone of wealth, try to think about making money. Set a goal for yourself and visualize it in your mind. Think about steps you can take to make more money, like creating new connections in your office. If you’re finding it hard to stay focused, consider stacking a few bracelets together that can generate wisdom and wealth. 

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You can write down your thoughts on a sheet of paper, or you can keep your goals in your head. Even if you don’t have much money now, practice gratitude for what you have. If you encounter a hardship while trying to generate wealth, think about what you can do to improve your situation.

The law of attraction is fundamentally about being positive, so select stones that are also associated with positive thinking. Yellow sapphire’s association with knowledge may make it better for the law of attraction than other stones. You can also try wearing malachite, especially if you are using the law of attraction in your office or before meetings.