How to Wear Men's Bracelets: Top 2022 Styles


A man wearing several bracelets.

Men from different societies worldwide have donned different types of bracelets throughout history, and bracelets have been a staple in male fashion for centuries. They possess societal and personal meanings, ranging from identifying social class status to helping men keep up with popular slap band trends in the 1990s. But let’s take a step back from the history of bracelets and explore the popular trends involved in 2022. Why should men wear bracelets today, and how should they do it?

Below, our passionate artisan jewelry-makers from LaCkore Couture will delve into all the factors and key elements that men should consider when they decide to rock some awesome arm jewelry to highlight their style. Please continue to learn more, and also consider exploring the wide selection of other great jewelry and fashion resources on our website. 

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Why Should Men Consider Wearing Bracelets?

Aside from the fact that they can make a great fashion statement and help tie together the finishing touches of a very cool look, bracelets are one of the most accessible male accessories to wear and take almost zero effort to pull off. A simple leather strap, beads, or twisted cord can add an extra oomph of style to an outfit without being too distracting or difficult to deal with, like more complicated accessories. 

Selecting The Right Bracelet For You


A man wearing a leather bracelet with a metal clasp.

When it comes to wearing a bracelet successfully, the critical factor you need to go for is effortlessness, and you can master this by leveraging some basic bracelet guidelines;

1. Know What You’re Going For (and Where You’re Going)

No matter what kind of jewelry you’re dealing with, it’s essential to consider the outfit you’re trying to pull off with it and the type of occasion you’re attending. Not every kind of bracelet will be a perfect fit for every occasion. 

For example, we generally recommend a discrete, thin, and dark single bracelet if you’re attending a more formal event, or you could always go with a gold or silver piece to match your cufflinks. If you’re heading to a club festival and want to stand out, try wearing something a little bigger and louder. That’s your chance to be bold!

2. Understand Your Overall Style and General Look

What style are you trying to pull together, and what role does the bracelet (or bracelets) play within said style? Bracelets are a great way to help personalize your overall look, but you need to consider the message you’re trying to send out. And remember, you should be aiming for effortlessness.

It’s generally a good idea to aim for a natural look, which you can do easily by leveraging cool bracelets made from materials like leather, stone, and wood. The best part? These materials wear well over time and arguably start to look even better with age. They’re also effortless to match with different outfits. However, remember not to mix metal bracelets with natural materials because that can often create an odd look. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to picking a bracelet that works well for you, enhances your style, and helps you tell a story about who you are.

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3. Consider Fit and Proportion

One of the critical rules of any piece of jewelry is that it needs to fit correctly and be proportional to your size. If it’s not, your entire outfit can look off, and you also risk losing that piece of jewelry without meaning to. 

Bracelets, for example, should be tight enough to fit comfortably around your wrist while still being secure and without falling off. Beaded bracelets are often the best for this since they’re made with elastic and are meant to be one-size-fits-all. They’re also much lighter than larger bracelets or ones made of metal and will offer a little more freedom.

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Essential Tips on How to Wear a Bracelet


A man wearing string bracelets with a watch.

Now that we’ve covered the basic guidelines of adding a bracelet to your look for different purposes and occasions, let’s delve into some of the essential tips you’ll want to keep in mind to help you achieve your ideal look.

1. Balance is The Key

Many elements of style and fashion come down to the simple aspect of balance. Wearing one bracelet on a single wrist is fine, but try to avoid stacking up several bracelets on one arm while leaving the other completely bare. However, you don’t necessarily want both arms to look the same. Try to find a balance between your arms, and don’t be afraid to remove or add a few pieces if you’re in doubt.

2. Try Combining A Watch With Your Bracelet

Many people will generally recommend avoiding wearing a watch and bracelet on the same arm, but it can create a pretty unique look when done correctly. Try to match the metals on your bracelet with your watch, and keep the bracelet above your watch (close to your elbow). Also, consider where you want the focus to be and leverage appropriately sized bracelets that won’t distract from the watch’s style.

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3. Experiment With Solo Bracelets and Stacks

Wearing a solo bracelet is the safest and easiest way to adjust your style, but sometimes it isn’t enough to get your desired look. Try experimenting with solo and stacked bracelets on your wrists to see what they do to your overall appearance. If they don’t work, consider stacking bracelets by putting multiple on each arm. Try experimenting with different sizes, styles, and materials to see what kind of effect their combined look can create. That said, try to avoid stacking thicker bracelets (especially metal ones) and not overload your arms with too many colors. 

Final Factors to Consider

Our dedicated jewelry artisans at LaCkore Coutoure hope that the above information can help you perfect the art of pulling together the perfect style with the simple addition of a bracelet or two. Please consider browsing through our shop today if you’re looking to add some top-quality, affordable, handmade accessories to your growing collection.

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